Did Jason Aldean Give Kane Brown A Boring Wedding Gift?

Newlywed, Kane Brown recently opened up about married life and what he shared with Cody Alan made our day.

When we think of celebrity wedding gifts, we assume that their star-studded pals will deliver something lavishly expensive and probably impractical. We aren’t talking about a hand-me-down Gulfstream jet or a vintage platinum Patek Phillippe watch, but after all, we assume these gifts would be slightly more luxurious than your typical 6-piece baking sheet set. (We love a strong, baking sheet.)

For Kane and Katelyn Jae though, it was a blender from Jason Aldean and Brittany that stole the show! Kane was sure to note that it was a “high-tech” blender, but nonetheless a blender.

Watch their interview to discover what other humdrum gifts that they received that they “loved all of them.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.