Stranger Was Skeptical About Amy Being Her Son’s Mom

Amy and her husband adopted their daughter and son from Haiti. The adoption process took over 5 years, but at Christmas of 2017, they were finally able to come home. Although they aren't biological, the kids are absolutely Amy and her husband's kids. They have charming and witty personalities that make them just too cute for words. 

During a bike outing with her son, Amy found herself in a weird situation. A stranger saw her son on his bike a few feet ahead of Amy. Startled, the stranger looked around for a parent. Amy came up and said that he was her son, but the stranger didn't believe her. 

Listen below as Amy tells us what happened and how she was worried her humorous son would say "no" to her being his mom! 

Amy Mom for Son

Also, you can't miss this adorable video of Amy's son dancing. Just because!

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