Kassi Ashton's Favorites Include Beyoncé's "Lemonade" & Great Gatsby Book

Kassi Ashton was part of Bobby Bones' Class Of 2018 artists and she's still continuing to make waves a year later. Ashton just released her single "Violins," a song she wrote about some of her exes. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new single and what she's been up to since joining the class of upcoming artists.

The song "Violins" came from a writing session where Ashton was talking about some of her exes. Her dad used to "play a little violin" in her ear when she was complaining too much as a gesture that no one was listening. So she did that same gesture while in the studio but towards her exes. That's when the song was born. Maren Morris praised Ashton for her role in country music and Ashton saw it when she was in JOANN Fabric and cried in the middle of the store.

Ashton frequents stores like JOANN Fabric because she loves to make her own clothes. Most of the time, she's wearing something that she created. Recently, she made a coat that looks like her couch. When asked about what album, book and person she'd take with her if she was stranded on a desert island, her answers were simple. Beyoncé's album Lemonade, a person with a private plane to get her off the island, and The Great Gatsby book. Ashton loves to read and watch The Bachelor with her boyfriend. She also is a big fan of dancing, she even will be dancing in her music video that's coming out soon. Above anything else, Ashton actually likes that she's getting older. She says she likes the knowledge and experience she gains.

Check out the full interview on The Bobby Bones Show below as well as Kassi Ashton's performance of "Violins" here.

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