Trisha Yearwood To Thank For Matthew McConaughey

Trisha Yearwood's newest album dropped today (February 15) called Let's Be Frank. It's an album dedicated to honoring Frank Sinatra. To talk about the new album and life as it's been going, she stopped by The Bobby Bones Show.

In talking with Bobby Bones, Yearwood dished that the album was recorded all on Sinatra's old microphone. She even sat on the stool that he sat on. The album comes from Yearwood's past, she used to watch old movies with her mom that had Sinatra tracks in them. Recently, Yearwood was asked to do a concert honoring Sinatra and performed his song "I'll Be Seeing You." Shortly after, Yearwood was approached to do this album after that performance. She notes that the pressure to sing these songs was high and she knows that no one will ever be Frank Sinatra, but this album is a way to pay tribute. She particularly likes the slow ballads, as sad songs make her happy and the song "I'll Be Seeing You" was one that had to be included on the album, a song that reminds Yearwood of her mother.

The last song added to the album was called "For The Last Time" and it was a song Yearwood wrote with her husband Garth Brooks. She never considered herself a writer, but she came in with a title and Brooks started to sing a melody. The song came together and after some encouragement from her husband to play it for her producer of the album, the song was added, officially wrapping the album.

Yearwood has an interesting tie to Hollywood, she claims partial responsibility for Matthew McConaughey's acting career. He was the actor in her music video for "Walkaway Joe" and shortly after his career took off. On another shoot, Yearwood refused to kiss a male model. She had a perfume deal with Revlon and when she showed up, they wanted her to make out with the model. She said no and shut down production until her manager arrived.

Shifting the focus to life with Brooks, Trisha's mother actually baked her and Brook's wedding cake. On marriage advice, Yearwood shared that she would tell people to figure out how to give and not be completely independent. Yearwood and Brooks careers are very self focused, but they make the relationship the center. She also notes, "If you're not happy with yourself, you won't be happy in a marriage." The two also make a point to rarely spend a night a part, it's important to them. The two love to go on dates like eating out and going to the moves on rare occasion. For the most part though, they're home bodies when they're not touring.

Fans can expect another album from Yearwood in 2019. Outside of Let's Be Frank, she also began recording a country record in 2018. She says the country album is different, but people can expect it to drop in the fall of 2019. On the topic of the massive start to her career at just age 26, Yearwood had no idea that her song "She's In Love With A Boy" would blow up. But after that song went #1, she expected all of the songs to do the same. She made a point to not be a "One Hit Wonder" and she sure didn't, following up the chart-topper with "Walk Away Joe." Her song "X's and O's" was actually turned into a TV pilot, but never got off the ground.

Before Yearwood left The Bobby Bones Show, she shared a special story about that romantic moment at the 2018 CMA Awards. Her husband Brooks played his song "Stronger Than Me" specifically for her at the show. Yearwood dished that she was trying to listen during that moment, she really had never heard the song before then. She had one request before he went on though and that was to not bring her up on stage. She further shares that she's an 'ugly crier' so when it happened on TV, she was trying to hold back tears. Jason Aldean whispered in her ear after the performance that Garth was "really making it hard for the other guys." In an even more adorable moment, Yearwood revealed that when they got home from the awards, Brooks played the song for Yearwood again on his guitar in their home so she could really listen to it. And then, she really did ugly cry.

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