WATCH: Pink shares adorable video of her 6yr old!


Pink's daughter refuses to let the Tooth Fairy, her father or anybody else rush her loose tooth from falling out. On Instagram this weekend, Pink shared an adorable video from her tour bus of 6-year-old Willow wiggling one of her front teeth as her parents try to persuade her to pull it out. "I bet it comes out when you're asleep tonight," dad Carey Hart teases Willow as he holds her younger brother Jameson. Willow replies, "Because of you!" Pink then asks, "Are you gonna let Papa pull it out with dental floss?" Says Willow, "No, because I don't want him to." She even stood her ground when her father bet he could get the tooth out after she went to bed that night. "No, you won't," Willow shot back. "I sleep with my mouth closed." Take that, Dad!

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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