Deleted tweets that prove Taylor Swift is funny!

BuzzFeed has pulled out Taylor Swift's deleted tweets that prove she's got a pretty good sense of humor. Here are 10 of them......Good stuff!

How come no one told me that for 4 hours there was chocolate cake all over my face?!? Because you ate it alone, Taylor. You ate it alone. 

Watching TV with my cat while eating ToyStory fruit snacks. So basically I'm 80 and 5 at the same time.

 I need there to be a follow up for every viral video letting me know the people/cats in them are okay. Like lol but no seriously, you alright?

 I will always remember today as the day I cooked dinner, rubbed my eyes, and then learned that jalapeƱos are NATURE'S PEPPER SPRAY. 

It's October AKA the month when the horror movie ads start and at any moment, a dead doll or corpse could pop up on my TV.

 #struggles It feels like one of those nights... I google nature-related questions. [Example:] Where do frogs go in the winter? 

Went to get coffee today--opened my change purse. Sea shells fell out. Barista goes "Sorry, we only take cash or credit." So there's that.

 There's nothing quite like singing along in the car to @ladygaga "Paparazzi" while actually being chased by paparazzi. 

At a certain level of jet lagged, I just start answering all of my business emails with "I'll do whatever I want."

That moment when you buy scissors and then you try to open them but you can't because you DON'T HAVE SCISSORS. 

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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