Twitter destroys Megyn Kelly's show in 1 hour!

Megyn Kelly TODAY ,  Big day today for Megyn. Although it seems Twitter is already done with the program. Here are just 10 of the savage tweets mocking the new hour long talk show. 

"If you're not watching Megyn Kelly's morning debut right's one of the more mortifying things I've seen in a while."

"It's the Megyn Kelly Enjoys Human Fun Hour."

"Megyn Kelly made her career promoting hate and fear and now wants to rebrand herself as the bringer of optimism and hope."

"For the first time in my life, I'm figuring out what else is on TV in the morning besides @todayshow because of Megyn Kelly."

"I like how NBC is making Megyn Kelly look like this friendly white lady who cares."

"#MegynTODAY is a very hard watch! Seems so forced!"

"I can't wait for Kathie and Hoda. S**t, at this point I might need a glass of wine."

"Kind of boring, not as fun as #TODAYsTake and a little awkward because @megynkelly seems too stiff, too guarded, uncomfortable."

"She must be exhausted, faking authenticity and all. #MegynTODAY is unwatchable."

"The truth is America was kinda done with Megyn Kelly a year or so ago. I fully expect her show to tank."

WOW! So ruthless.....please tell us how you really feel twitter, don't hold back. Who cares that it is day 1. 

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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