Things That Make People Happy, Even On Worst Days!

Who can't use a little more happiness, right? The little things that make me happy? Umm, I have a few...

I love when my daughter laughs from deep within, she could be talking to a friend on the phone and when she laughs, it makes my heart smile. When my husband does something silly, like a silly dance.... purposely looking goofy andI love a sunset at the beach. 

Reddit recently asked their fellow users to share the tiny things that make them happy. Here are the top answers:

1.  When you see something really silly and look around and make eye contact with someone else who saw it. 

2.  The elevator arriving the second you push the button. 

3.  Extra fries in the bottom of your takeout bag.

4.  Tacos. (This would probably be #1 on my husband's list LOL)

5.  Seeing an elderly couple holding hands.

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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