Nurse Finds A Tail-Less Lizard In Her Salad, Eww!

Can we say gross! I can't help but wonder if it's tail less because she ate the tail already before she discovered the that there was a lizard in the salad.  Eww, now I want to vomit!

That's not a crouton! A woman in Maine is totally grossed out after she discovered a 3-inch dead lizard without its tail in a salad she made using bagged lettuce from a Shaw's supermarket in New Hampshire. 

"I thought I was putting my fork into a slice of avocado, but lo and behold, it was...identified by a friend who's a biologist as a blue-bellied lizard native to California," says Michelle Carr, a nurse who is currently breastfeeding her baby boy. "That was quite the experience, startling, disgusting."

She adds that after vomiting, she and her son were put on E. coli watch by the New Hampshire department of health and human services. "I want everyone to know that you really do need to be very careful with what produce you are buying when you shop at local grocery stores that we are supposed to trust with our groceries," she says.

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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