New Movies Out This Weekend!

If you feel like throwing back some popcorn and watching a new movie this weekend, here's what's new at the box office.

Based on Ernest Cline’s novel of the same name, Ready Player One is set in the year 2045. It's about people being able to escape their reality and immerse into a virtual one, called the Oasis.

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony stars Taraji P. Henson, as a faithful wife who is tired of standing by her devious husband and decides to get revenge. 

Side note: The word 'acrimony' is the most searched word in Webster dictionary right now, because of this movie. That's kinda funny.

God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness tells the story of Rev. Dave Hill, who faces an unexpected setback when his beloved church burns down. 

I watched the first "God's Not Dead" and liked it. I want to see this one too.

Gemini, a heinous crime tests the complex relationship between a Hollywood starlet and her tenacious personal assistant. a mystery unravels.

Finding Your Feet tells the story of a middle class snob who discovers her husband is having an affair with her best friend on the eve of retirement. 

Sounds scandalous, sounds good. 

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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