Judge Slams Taylor Swift After Lawsuit

Ok, so the song in question is below, I had never heard the 3LW song, 'Playas Gonna Play' until this story. You might find it interesting, I did. Some of the lines sound familiar.

Anyhow, A U.S. District Court judge warned Taylor Swift to knock it off after she won a copyright lawsuit over her 2014, "Shake It Off." Page Six reported that after the Judge rejected a lawsuit from songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, they argued that Taylor's "Shake It Off" stole from their 2001 song "Playas Gon' Play."  A win for Taylor Swift right? Well, then Taylor asked the court to make Hall and Butler reimburse her for her legal fees that added up to $75,000. The judge said in a 10 page ruling that will not happen.. "Be careful what you wish for," the judge had warned her.

Apparently, copyright laws can be tricky, So she might just want to take her song and win, say thank you and be on her way.

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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