Ways To Keep Cool In The Valley During Heatwaves!

With triple digits in Modesto this week, we need this now! LOL

New York Times did this piece on ways to keep cities cooler during heatwaves. 

Bring back the trees. In addition to providing much-needed shade for a sweaty city, the water evaporating from tree leaves can cool a neighborhood by a few degrees.

Paint roofs white. Adding more green space and reflective building materials could potentially offset much of the projected increase in heat-related deaths from global warming. 

Get people to cooling centers. Public cooling centers are often poorly publicized or difficult to access by public transportation.

While none of those are one day quick fixes and we would like to be cooler today, below are a couple of ideas on how to stay cooler this week. I love the sheet idea in the video below!!

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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