Songs That Will Help Kids Through Morning Routine

Getting back into our routines before school in the morning is always a little rough at the beginning of the school year, so here's some songs that might make it a little fun through their morning steps and help them through that morning routine.

Now's the time of year where parents have to jack their kids out of bed and get them ready for school on a tight timetable and I thought Lifehacker did a great job with this list of five songs to pair with each stage of your child's morning routine:

Waking up and stretching not always easy at the beginning of the morning, but maybe U2 can help with that.


Time to wash that face and brush those pearly whites. How about "Car Wash'  by Christina Aguilera, featuring Missy Elliott? I think this would be a great shower song too!!


I like the groovy tune of 'Banana Cakes' by Jack Johnson, might be a great breakfast song.


A little Motown in the morning always sounds good and 'Get Ready' by The Temptations is the perfect getting dressed song. Dancing while you dress? How can that not put you in a great mood?!

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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