Why Miranda Lambert dumped Evan?He Broke Her Rules

Who knew that Miranda Lambert was such a stickler for rules, I really saw her as more of a 'rule breaker' than a 'rule stickler'. Miranda Lambert dumped Evan Felker because he broke her rules. 

I think Miranda is a heart-breaker ;)

A People source claims Miranda Lambert dumped Evan Felker because he "broke her rules.""He did something that he knew she wasn’t going to approve of and she assumed he did it and he didn’t deny it," It wasn't a "dramatic" breakup either and for those that were thinking he would get back together with his ex-wife Staci , that's not going to happen either, the source says that he knew they would never get back together. Probably a good idea, he's a musician and when he's on the road, how could she ever trust him again. Given how he and Miranda Lambert got together while they were on the road together. She would be driving herself crazy thinking about what is he doing and is he doing it again? Who needs that?! 

Miranda Lambert looks hot in this video, pun intended :)


Have you ever watched this video 'Somethin Bad' with Miranda and Carrie? Just a couple of bad girls....love it!

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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