5 Hacks To Improve Your Memory, Science Backs Up!

I've been noticing my memory isn't as sharp as it use to be. So I have become a chronic note writer lol. I make a to do list everyday now. Maybe you have been doing the same. Apparently, There are a number of things you can do to improve your memory. According to Elite Daily, here are five hacks that are actually backed by science that should help:

Drink coffee after you study. According to a recent study published in the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience, caffeine enhances your ability to remember certain things when you drink it after a brain-stimulating activity.

 Go to bed at a decent time. I have always struggled with this because I'm a night owl, not to mention I love to watch tv after everyone in the house has gone to bed, but you should prioritize getting at least seven hours of sleep each night to keep your memory as sharp as possible. 

Add interval training to your workout. Doing interval training after studying helps increase the memory-boosting neuro-protein BDNF, which helps with memory consolidation. 

Replace your pumpkin spice latte with coffee fruit coffee. Coffee made from coffee fruit--aka the fleshy part surrounding your typical coffee bean--also increases your body's production of BDNF.

Relax. It’s a fact that all work and no play makes you kind of forgetful. Take a break! 

I can do the relaxing part with no problem lol. I might try to incorporate some of these and we'll see if they work.

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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