What Every 90's Kids Had In Their House Growing Up

If you were a kid in the '90s, then chances are you'll remember some of these in the house while growing up! Buzzfeed put a list together, here were the ones I remembered from the list, what about you? Nice little walk down memory lane for you......

The oh-so-ethereal mosquito net that seemed to adorn every '90s tween and teen girl's bed. LOL

Pleather beanbag chairs that got all hot if you sat in them too long. I never had one, but I know they were everywhere.

Those wavy CD towers that let you and your family display all the soundtracks you guys owned. They would fall over so easy, the most unstable piece of furniture ever. LOL

Shabby-chic bedding that always looked like it was made out of your nana's porcelain dolls' clothes. This one is hilarious!

Rice-paper floor lamps that everyone got at Ikea and would always get a rip within the first two months of your family owning it.

Hunter-green accent walls, accessories, curtains...basically this color was everywhere! LOL

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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