Smart Phone Addiction? Try this!


Smart phone addiction is no joke! As a mother of a teenager, I know this all to well. This past weekend I took my daughter and her friends to the mall and out for ice cream. I noticed that even as a group, they are all on their cell phones, crowded around each other's phones, giggling and looking at each other's screens.

I read this story in the Wall Street Journal about how an art student decided to take back some of her time and she purchased a less smart phone to help break the smart phone addiction. The art student owns a second phone to only make calls and text, using her smart phone to only post her art work to Instagram. Another person, a tech student, bought a second not so smart phone to use on the weekend, helping to avoid the temptation on being on the smart phone and is now spending more time with his daughter.

This dumber phone thing, might be genius! We can only hope, it becomes a growing trend.

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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