Carly Pearce, Michael Ray Refuse To Watch Their Favorite TV Shows Apart

Carly Pearce and her husband Michael Ray both share a major obsession with television, especially when it comes to the series This Is Us.

"We love This Is Us," Pearce shares in a recent interview with her record label. "That's a show that we never miss."

Pearce goes on to explain that the two of them are so invested in the show that they refuse to watch an episode without the other person being present. "We call it 'cheating' on the other one," she explains. "So we don't cheat and watch without the other person."

In addition to This Is Us, Pearce says that she kind of forces Ray to watch another popular favorite, The Bachelor, with her. "I've made him watch The Bachelor," she reveals. "So he watched that."

While she can convince him to watch The Bachelor from time to time, she does admit that it's a bit more difficult to get him to watch The Bachelorette. "He really hates The Bachelorette though, but I'm working on that," Pearce says laughing.

Aside from their go-to reality and drama series, Pearce and Ray also enjoy documentaries every now and then. "And yeah, we watch like random documentaries and random things but This Is Us is something we don't miss," Pearce says.

Pearce and Ray tied the knot about two months ago on October 6 at Drakewood Farm just about 15 miles north of Nashville. The day was a bit rainy, so the couple decided on an "earthy and whimsical and romantic" country atmosphere.

Although it's already been few weeks since officially getting married, the two still have yet to go on their honeymoon. They decided that due to both of their crazy schedules, it'd be best to wait until the end of the year when work for the year wrapped up before vacation.

Ray's last show is on December 11 and Pearces' on December 12. Immediately following, they'll make their way to Sandals Resorts in Jamaica where they'll stay in one of the over-water bungalows.

"All I've ever wanted to do is go in one of those bungalows," Pearce told her label. "They just look amazing to me, and they're like, private and awesome and sexy, and finally get to go after we finish for December."

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