People Spill The Things Others Do That Scream "Insecure"

No one wants to be seen as insecure. Whether it’s in a professional setting, a personal one, a romantic one – whatever. Confidence is key! But there are some things you may be doing that scream “insecure.” What are they? People are spilling the biggest tell-tale signs that someone’s insecure.

  • "Never apologizing. Some people will twist the story, change the way it happened, and retell it so convincingly that they’ll believe their nonsense but will never apologize."
  • "People who feel the need to 'one up' everyone instead of being happy for someone else’s accomplishments."
  • "Always having something negative to say when something good happens to someone else. For example, 'Oh you’re going to hate that new job' or 'They should have done X instead.' Just be happy that someone else is happy."
  • "Constantly bragging about your accomplishments or possessions."
  • "Always having to have the last word. It's so annoying when someone can't let a point go but has to feel that they've 'won' by throwing out tangentially related points, Just admit that the other person has a point and move on."
  • "Mocking other people's insecurity. It's usually projection."
  • "Fishing for compliments."
  • "When you achieve something or improve your life in any way, and their first instinct is to tease or make fun of you. It screams instant jealousy."

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