Bobby Didn't Realize Flight Attendant Was Flirting With Him

Bobby Bones was flying to Los Angeles to work on his current gig with American Idol. While on the flight, there was a flight attendant who seemingly kept looking at Bones. At one point, she even gave an eye gesture that she was watching him. All big flirting moves to your average person, but not to Bones. He didn't think she was possibly talking about him or pointing him out. Despite making some serious eye contact with him.

Once he put the two pieces together that this flight attendant was indeed flirting with him, he decided to make a little action before he got off the plane. He took a pen and a napkin and wrote a clever saying on it, "You are my favorite flight attendant ever. Instagram: @mrbobbybones"

However, when he went to hand the note to her, he isn't sure if she ever actually looked at it. She probably thought the napkin was trash... not a note. Bones has yet to get an Instagram DM from the flight attendant, but he's still hopeful. Listen below as Bones shares the story!

Bobby's Flight Story

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