Thurs Post Show (4-18-24)

Thurs Full Show: Eddie’s Shoes Mystery Solved! + Does Lunchbox Have Amusia?

The mystery of Eddie's missing shoes has been solved, find out who had them! Plus, Bobby thinks Lunchbox might have "amusia" because he has trouble recognizing music, so we test him and more!

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Thurs Early Bird: Eddie's Missing Shoes Drama + Elder vs. Millennial Champ

The drama continues around Eddie's missing shoes, and no one knows what happened to them! Plus, we have a new champion in Elder vs. Millennial and more!

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The Only Way Out Is Through with Gracie Moakler

Do you believe in signs from the other side? Amy does & her guest, Gracie Moakler, has a powerful story about a message she recently received from the other side. It's so clear that God was using this sign (from Gracie's sister) as a way to bring comfort and peace when it was very much needed. Amy also shares a message she got from her mom a few days ago (via a cardinal) that was very comforting as well. Side note: Go listen to Kacey Musgraves' song Cardinal ASAP if you haven't listened to it's so good!! If you don't believe in signs...well don't worry...they chat about other things too!

Gracie is the founder of Emergency Confetti, a mom of 2, and wife to her sweet husband Steve...she wears a lot of hats and at times she wonders what she's gotten herself into. Being a small business owner comes with challenges...but if you want the've got to pull the weeds (fave quote from the episode!) Gracie has had to learn to expand + to not make her business her identity (i.e. separating herself from hard situations like taking out a big loan to make aforementioned expansion possible) + to not compare herself to other moms/business owners on social media.

Gracie & Amy also talk about they're attempt at little to no clothes shopping this year + joy vs. happiness + 4 things gratitude (Gracie shares a book, a show, a drink and an IG follow that she's thankful maybe there's a 'recommendation' in her gratitude that you'd enjoy!)

HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Gracie Moakler // @GracieMoakler // @emergencyconfetti

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In Case You Missed It:  For King and Country on Story Behind The New Movie ‘Unsung Hero’

For King and Country (@forkingandcountry) are made up of two Brothers Joel & Luke Smallbone. They have a new movie out now called Unsung Hero and we wanted to revisit their episode when they gave us their lifestory and background on the film In 2023, they stopped by Bobby’s house fresh off their trip to the Grammys after earning a nomination with their friend, Hillary Scott of Lady A. Joel shares why he was depressed days after the trip. They share their amazing story of how their family moved from Australia with nothing to the United States and how they got by living in a house without furniture. They got their start touring with their famous sister Rebecca St. James and how they didn’t want anyone to know they were related when they became, For King and Country. They also share stories about their large family, what it’s like working as brothers, their new movie, and their perception as Christian artists.

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Trouble In Paradise: Justin & Ray No More....

The WNBA Draft has caused a big rift in the relationship of Justin and Ray. Lunchbox saw something while checking out garage sales that has him questioning what is going on in society. Jontay Porter is out of the NBA and could be working next to you real soon all thanks to his gambling habits. Plus we answer a few emails from Sore Losers Nation. 

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Weds Post Show (4-17-24)

Bobby talks about an elephant that escaped in Montana and was running wild. Bobby talks about feeling more sorry for animals than humans in TV shows and movies. We get Movie Mike’s thoughts on For King + Country’s new movie coming out next week. Bobby talks about the news of a kid who was suspended for bringing a bag of chips to school and a former morgue manager who was busted selling body parts.

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Wed Full Show: Lunchbox Wants Royalties For Show + Amy Finished Punishment

Lunchbox feels he deserves Royaltie checks for appearing on an Amazon Prime show. Plus, Amy finally finished her punishment of having to watch all 10 'Saw' movies, find out her thoughts and more!

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Wed Early Bird: Morgan's Man In Uniform Returns + Eddie's Stolen Package

Morgan's 'man in uniform' returns home after being away for three weeks and she shares an update on how things are going between them. Plus, someone stole Eddie's package at the studio!

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Tues Post Show (4-16-24)

Bobby asks Abby about her posting a picture with her boyfriend. That leads us to Lunchbox and his history of having issues with the ladies boyfriends of the show. We get into Bobby’s sleep troubles last night and why he’s experiencing brain fog today. A voicemail wants to know if Lunchbox’s wife listens to the show and how she feels about how Amy has been flirty with him lately. Bobby runs through the crazy news he didn’t get to on the show.

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