Best & Worst Days To Break Up With Someone

There's never a good time to break up with someone, but some days are better than others. To this end, Post Grad Problems has taken great pains to rank the seven days of the week from best to worst in terms of breakup timing. Here are the two days at the opposite ends of the spectrum:

Worst: Sunday. On the day you’re already dealing with your Sunday Scaries, you want to also deal with the logistics of ending a relationship? Your barely-functioning mind on a Sunday only has enough willpower and cognitive ability for simple tasks, and breaking up isn’t simple. Also, is this is how you want to start someone else’s work week, by making them miserable? In addition to dealing with their own case of the Scaries, your partner is going to end up in the office the next day with runny mascara and a handful of used tissues. Before long, all her co-workers (in addition to her friends) hate you and now they have a whole week to ruminate with her about ways to get back at you. Bad move, rookie.

Best: Thursday. It’s right before the weekend, but not so immediately close (like Friday) to where it seems like you’re trying to dive right back into some 23-year old Instagram model’s DMs. Thursday is generally a relaxed evening; you’ll be alert and prepared for the breakup. You had four workweek days to prepare your logistics. She gets a pre-weekend buffer so she can call her friends to adjust their schedules accordingly. The best part is that the pre-weekend buffer is a Friday, the one day of the week where no one gives a rip. Everyone is too busy looking forward to leaving that no one will have time for your ex’s wailing.

Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

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